Video Walkthrough of Twiistup 4

Twiistup 4 Walkthrough

A little walk through of Twiistup 4 and intro to some of the attendees. Had a funny run in with a swag girl from Adisn.

Also check out Mahalo Daily’s coverage.

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  1. Brooks Says:

    for future reference “brooks” is @wolfsbayne, lol.

    btw, i wanna see the deleted scenes!

  2. @kurtyD Says:

    Sean: Dude, I have all this crazy flip b roll from the past few mos that we should edit down. this is going to get very funny very fast. nice work stallion! #giantsake

  3. Sean Percival Says:

    Sorry brooks! Get you next time! 😀 I was tyring to cram too many subtitles in the start of that one already

  4. Nick Says:

    Way to go Brooks!

Published: July 25th, 2008