Crunch Moses, Show Us Thy Tablet

TechCrunch Tablet Ten Commandments – Get more Creative Writing

Mike over at TechCrunch shared a teaser peak at the prototype for the TechCrunch Tablet tonight. Earlier in the week, puppet Mike let it leak that we may get a closer look at the upcoming TechCrunch52 conference.

So far it looks pretty good, I’d certainly buy a lightweight browser like this. Although, its much easier to sneak a peak on the iPhone while sharing quality couch time with the little lady. Never the less, its going to be interesting to see if they can hit the $200 price point.

Here is a closer look not shown on TechCrunch:

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  1. gregorylent Says:

    note the potato chip on the floor …

  2. not a sheep Says:

    is there anyone out there with the balls to call this for what it is: a blatently cheap PR stunt. or are you all sheep?

  3. Sean Percival Says:


  4. Russell Nelson Says:

    If it can browse for $200, with a reasonable battery life (just add $$), I’ll happily be shorn next spring!

  5. sandrar Says:

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Published: August 31st, 2008