Whos Really Going to Kill Techmeme?

by Hugh MacLeod   by Hugh MacLeod

Google just slapped a coat of paint on their Blog Search service today. The enhancements group stories together and headline what appears to be considered the “leading source” for the story.  They also include a nice chart that displays recent activity (number of blogs covering it).

Myself, I’m already a fan of Google Blog Search, in most cases its the best resource for breaking and trend related stories. These new additions are nice but certainly don’t give me many “ah ha” moments.

Of course with something like this, the community is talking “Techmeme Killer”. I thought about it for a moment, but quickly came to the conclusion that this is no Techmeme Killer. Also a few minutes later I remembered I hate the old “______ Killer” meme itself. Its so speculative and quickly thrown out these days. Techmeme serves a narrow but influential audience, they know how to use multiple tools to supplement search and Techmeme will continue to be one of those.

In the spirt of the mob though I did come up with a few true TecheMeme Killers.

Warning: May contain outlandish future talk and if used improperly, damage the time line.

The TechMeme Killers

  • Gabe’s Shyness: After a billing mix up with his host, Techmeme is taken offline. Too shy to call support, Gabe just says “meh” and takes a job with Google. When Microsoft acquires Google in 2012, Gabe’s stock makes him a rich man. 
  • The TechCrunch Payment is Late: After TechCrunch continues to miss payments to Techmeme, the site is unable to go on. The service shuts down, it’s dead pool post on TechCrunch receives over 500 comments, 400 of which are from Gabe. 
  • FeedBurner: After years of Gabe pounding the keyboard and saying “Feedburner, your slow pings are killing me” it literally does. 
  • The Other Woman: Gabe gets a girlfriend and is shocked to find out playing with her is more enjoyable than playing with RSS. 
Ok, now I’m just giving Gabe a hard time so I’ll stop. Let’s not kill Techmeme just yet, in fact lets continue to build better aggregators. I can’t help but feel while Techmeme is unique, its just the beginning for this type of service.


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