Snuggie Unboxing!

Do you know about the Snuggie? It is either the greatest thing ever, or a the final signal of the downfall of man. Its essentially¬†a big blanket with sleeves, that way you don’t have to struggle to reach your TV remote or 5 gallon drum of ice cream.

I have no will power when it comes to buying strange shit from the TV or Internet. So we picked up a Snuggie to give it a test snug.

Please do enjoy the Snuggie unboxing.


The blanket that has sleeves! #rock!


They aren’t kidding about one size fits all, this thing is clearly made for the many land beasts you find inside a Walmart of permanently stuck to a couch.


As a awesome bonus they include this book light thing. Made of the finest Chinese materials, this thing is a real POS.


Yes sitting along side the fire in my Snuggie, I can’t help but feel both the warmth of the cheap fabric, and of course my soul.


You cant help but feel sexy in a Snuggie, can you blame me for giving you the rawr pose?

Sean Percival

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