How to Add Techmeme to Flipboard

Here’s something great for my tech news geeks.  Flipboard and Techmeme together at last.

If you read tech news you no doubt know about Techmeme, the mother of all destinations for tech news and trends. If you have an iPad and enjoy killing old media then you no doubt have the Flipboard digital social magazine thingy.

Now it’s time to learn how you can literally have the best of both worlds:

1)  While logged in to Twitter visit

2) Create a new Twitter List that contains only this Twitter account

3) Load up the Flipboard iPad application and click “Add a section”

4) Select your Tweetmeme Twitter list from the menu

5) Start patting yourself on the back because you’re done!

As you can probably already assume this an easy way to add just about any dedicated publication to Flipboard.

Happy flipping!

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  1. Joe Lazarus Says:

    Yep, I setup up that account just for Flipboard. I’ve been using it for a week or two. It’s a great way to reach tech news. Nice write up on how to hook it up.

  2. Sean Percival Says:

    Oh thanks Joe. I was wondering who was behind that.

    As soon as I saw it I thought it was perfect for this application. Of course you should all continue to visit the web version of techmeme and make your yearly blood sacrifice to Gabe.

  3. Toby DiPasquale Says:

    “red heads”?

  4. Sean Percival Says:

    Ya who doesn’t like a red heads?!?! 😛

  5. Kevin Says:

    How do you take these screenshots with the highlight? That’s pretty hand.

  6. sean percival Says:


    I do that in photoshop by placing a black layer on top of the image then cutting out the area I want to highlight and then dropping the opacity of thats black layer to 50%

  7. Bo Stern Says:

    I setup very much along the same lines as Joe described above.

  8. Tom J Thomas Says:

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Published: August 15th, 2010