First Photo of the Facebook Phone

You may of read earlier that Facebook is building their own phone (they deny it).

However I would love for them to explain this VERY convincing photo below.

They totally ripped off Apple! Not cool!

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  1. barkha dutt Says:

    First of all i love face book, It make my work so easier, my work is to spread awareness among uneducated Indians about politics etc., also by using face book i can complete project on time related to TRP.

    btw when it will available ?

  2. jon Says:

    @barkha umm….it’s a joke man. c’mon.

  3. David Gerbino Says:

    That picture of the Facebook phone is too funny.

  4. Susan Beebe Says:

    haha, that is too funny! Nice mockup design comp… 😀

  5. cheech Says:

    Lovin the 4:20….

  6. Elbert Says:

    I want to see the homescreen. Farmville and MafiaWars should be there at launch.

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  8. fjpoblam Says:

    It’s Facetime for Facebook, ¿qué no?

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  10. Tim Biden Says:

    I woudn’t use a facebook phone even if you paid me. And that is NOT a picture. Who created this fake phone anyway?

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  13. gord Says:

    Gee, what time is it ?

  14. Darknight247 Says:

    Amazed by how many people don’t get this is a joke… and congrats to Spilll for making Techmeme front page. First time?

  15. Darknight247 Says:

    I of course meant SP (Sean Percival)

  16. Mike Says:

    Didn’t you mean “Toke to Unlock”?

  17. Dustin Snider Says:

    Its funny to see how many people don’t understand the joke.

  18. chris h Says:

    Yes… just as convincing as the cinematography was to the people who believe the world from Avatar is real, too!

  19. Santa SEO Says:

    ‘Watch you Pee’… much time do you have FB? Take me a while to get cracking these days!

  20. Dwi Says:

    It’s a hoax, isn’t it?
    Its UI is completely look alike an Iphone

  21. Marla Schulman Says:


  22. Atif Says:

    It is possible to have FB phone in future but this image is look a like joke to me :p

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  24. L8 Says:

    Congratulations to everyone not getting the joke! May I suggest you to buy some humour at the mall next time you go there?

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  26. How Can I Be Lost ? Says:

    WTF @ 1st comments! I can’t imagine a human being with this type of thinking! he totally bought the idea before it is real!!!! a freaking dump indian!

  27. wadenick Says:

    4:20 was a nice touch.

  28. Stupid American Says:

    wooww..its look like an iPhone. when is it gonna launch? what is the price? is it 3G?

  29. Stupid American Says:

    the network using Virgin 3G? can i use other network operator?

  30. Photobook Says:

    Woooww a joke?

  31. Setu Says:

    @barkha dutt – someone just said ‘uneducated indians’? ROFL

  32. Vins Says:


  33. Brian Tristam Williams Says:

    I hope you’re not serious.

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  41. gordon Says:

    I can’t wait for the privacy disaster of having a phone that tracks everything all the time in the name of “transparency.”

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  44. Somnath Says:

    That was neat.Hope FB gets the joke.

  45. BrandonTeel Says:

    I don’t doubt that is throwing around the “idea” of a phone. Facebook is trying more and more to be more “MOBILE” friendly. But from the Picture, I believe one of two things. 1.) its just a huge hoax. or 2.) its a prototype or some kind of concept. It IS the Iphone with just a few different features. But the question is, WOULD I BUY A FACEBOOK PHONE?? The answer is….. MAYBE. It would depend on what carrier provided it, the price tag, and so on. But with the new “FACEBOOK” movie coming out, I think it is called “the social network”, we may just see facebooks popularity skyrocket!! Goodluck facebook.

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  47. mark zuckerberg Says:

    mark zuckerberg is a lying bastard
    not impressed
    no morals there

  48. jibbert Says:

    i smell some weeeeeeeeed…..

  49. Grippin Says:

    Sure does look like an iPhone 4 to me…..

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  70. Katie Says:

    this is literally a photo shopped picture of the iPhone4. the content on the screen is obviously a joke. and finally, it’s “may HAVE read”… not “may of read”…. oh, the angst.

  71. Agi Says:

    say, where is the button to “LIKE” this?

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  78. Game Says:

    I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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  80. Malvina Safko Says:

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  81. Bruno Bourke Says:

    It’s funny how the next Bitch can praise a nigga for the same things you left him for not having.. stop lying hoe you just happy you got him

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  83. Sarah Farrukh Says:

    when is this come out in indian?? i want to expand my business through facebok

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  85. Manish Patel Says:

    So Facebook also enters in the market of cell phone…

  86. Free home based business Says:

    This is good work

  87. Danish khatri Says:

    Thank you Nice arterioles

  88. Martin Says:

    Not that that matters much if your philosophy can be reduced to: glorify form at the expense of functions!!

  89. Rene Says:

    LoL.. Nice Work, but when the real facebook-Phone is comming ?

  90. Reshhia Says:

    nice article thank you sean percival

  91. Ben Gruntled Says:

    Aha. Sean, I expect that reasonably soon, what was posted as a spoof will become much closer to reality that you had imagined! Time will tell ….

Published: September 19th, 2010