Google+ Fan Art Compilation

Since Google+ launched we have seen a fair amount of fan art created to celebrate (or poke fun at) its arrival.

Here’s a roundup of some of the more popular images circling around Google+, listed roughly in the order of their appearance. We’ve been through so much already people, so many bad animated GIFs.

You can encircle me here.

by Josh Fisher

The Joy of Tech comic from



By Yiying Lu

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  1. susie45 Says:


  2. TixRee Says:

    Oh yay, go Bubble Girl lol.

  3. expert Says:

    This is just so funny!

  4. Google+粉丝作品集锦 | 36氪 Says:

    [...] 来源:seanpercival [...]

  5. Snaggy Says:

    Sean, it’s nice to be included in this fine bunch, but please, when possible, give a link back to the creators’ websites.

    For instance, our comic is archived located here:


  6. Sean Percival Says:

    @Snaggy Sorry dude! Fixed!

  7. Unimpressed, Really Says:

    Wow, google+ is up 2 weeks and the spammers are trying to sell us crap already with most of the comments in this are spam. Good job.

    And they’re selling us crap in Chinese. . . +1

  8. Jake Says:

    CAN SOMEONE please send me an invite, I want to use G+ so bad! nameshock (at) gmail

  9. Sean Percival Says:

    @Jak, sent

  10. Pradeep. P Says:

    Crazy but… !

  11. eric n. Says:

    I think we all said these same things with google wave. hopefully the got their poop straight this time around.

  12. Eventmanager Says:

    Thanks, i like ehm + 1 it ;-)

  13. Anderson Says:

    A new GIF on G+

  14. Foxinni Says:

    Great work. Was great :)

  15. Patrique Says:

    nice work dude….. keep on

  16. Anthea Kawakib Says:

    poor didn’t even make the funnies…

  17. Laura Toy Says:

    OK. I think I understand it all now, how the universe works, black holes, everything.

  18. Marco Says:

    I made this

  19. Billy Kain Says:

    Can someone send me an invite, I would like to see what this google+ is all about thanks billykain1 @ gmail

  20. Dan Says:

    The parents one is awesome lol

  21. Sydney Says:

    Please send me an invitation in Google+. I want to try it. thanks in advance.

  22. raghu Says:

    Interesting compilation

  23. jeanjean breu Says:

    hello ,bienvenu et bon dimanche

  24. Devan Says:

    Damn. I promised myself that after facebook I’d be done. Can I get an invite?

  25. sydney Says:

    you can email me for your invitation at

  26. Androiba Says:

    New Google+ Fan Art –

Published: July 10th, 2011