My 2nd Generation iPhone Wish List, Whats Yours?

Are you nerdy enough to recognize the above device? It’s the “pad” from Star Trek of course. To me, and perhaps a few other fans out there the iPhone represents a step closer to this little piece of Hollywood magic. Insanely networked, voice activated and adaptive to any need this device is the holy grail of bright handed goodness. So as we know version 2 of the iPhone is just around the corner, what new features and delights will it hold? I thought it would be fun if a few bloggers posted their wish lists. Here is mine:

  • 3G: This is a must at this point and from what it appears going to be a reality. The EDGE network is painfully slow and its time for us “catch up” with the rest of the world.
  • Better Camera: This also appears to be included according to rumors. The current camera is terrible in most cases unless the conditions are perfect.
  • Video Recording: I want to capture small videos from my phone, doesnt even have to be steller quality. If I could use it with a service like Qik I’d be in love.
  • Cut and Paste: Can’t think of how many times this would come in handy for email/web usage. When the original version shipped somone made this really nice proof of concept video:

  • More than 8 Browser Tabs: I’m sick of seeing that “You Have to Many Windows Open” message. What can I say, Firefox has spoiled me. I want to have at least 20 tabs open at any given time.
  • Tactical Feedback: For all you blackberry users who like to whine “I need to feel the keys!”. This alone would bring in droves of new users who just aren’t ready to let go of their archaic wittle thumb keyboard.

So those are my simple requests, what are yours? Blog about and link back here. Lets see if we can get a little meme going on it.

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.