Stop Googling Yourself

Yes please stop Googling yourself, scouring like a desperate rat to see your name virtually dropped. Don’t you know thats what Google Alerts are for? Get the instant updates instead to curb those ego kicks.

Some of you might be self-googling to simply check your rankings. Obviously you’ll want your name attached to best search results possible. At the very least, with the inclusion of your official site. Here are a few tips you can follow to help improve your rankings.

1. Vanity Domain – Although a bit egotistical, having a vanity domain is the best first step you can take. Google ranks sites with the search times directly in them very well. Make this domain the focus of your SEO (or EGO-SEO) efforts. On a vanity domain you also get full control over the content of this site and its optimization. For aesthetics try and register your first and last name with no dashes, in my case If this is not available try adding a middle initial and if you must a combination of dashes or alternative spellings. Hopefully someone hasn’t “pulled a shel” on you and already snatched up your name.

2. Incoming Links – Just as with standard SEO work you want tons of incoming high quality links that use the anchor text of “Your Name” in the link code. First create a text link with your name on any web property you own. Start talking to friends in your networks and setup blog roll links. Make sure each of your social network profiles links back to your domain as well. This takes some time and effort but is well worth the effort.

3. Unique Names: If you are lucky enough to have a unique name there is no reason you can’t completely dominate the first page of results. Use your vanity name to link out to all of your profiles (facebook, linkedin etc) and include your full name in the anchor text each time. Create high quality content across several well ranked sites (blogs, social networks, user generated sites) with your name attached. In my case there was only 1 other Sean Percival with any type of Google presence. It took about a year but I’ve now pushed him back a few pages and taken over page 1 completely. After creating content across so many sites I actually dominate the first 10 or so pages.

4. Common Names: If your name happens to be some what common you may find its tough just to break into page 1. Using a vanity domain with good keyword rich (ie your name) content is going to give you the best chance here. You probably wont be able to dominate page one but over time you can get high placement.

Those are just a few examples of some techniques that can help. If you have anymore please share them in the comments.

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.