iPhone 3G. Twice as Fast. Half as Exciting.

The iPhone 3G has finally arrived. Instead of the warm welcome it’s predecessor received, blogs seem to be tearing apart the fine print instead. There is good, and of course bad. While the iPhone is one of the few Apple products to make me a fanboy, I can’t help but feel a bit underwhelmed here. I probably just let the usual round of dream rumors get to me. When they failed to materialize, what can you expect. Never the less, lets roundup some of the features.

3G Support

Pretty much a given, and for me the only thing I needed to make the upgrade. The on stage speed test was hilarious, I think the EDGE page took almost a minute to load.


Never a huge mobile gamer myself but Enigmo and Super Monkey Ball look like fun. Glad to see more applications that make use of an accelerometer.


A much needed upgrade for .Mac however not for me. I’m already doing most of the features of MobileMe and don’t want to be tied to a Apple service.

Whats Missing?

Video chat, video period, copy/paste and levitation on command. Version 3 perhaps?

Tracking the Storm

Naturally the WWDC dominated the echo chamber news today. Twitter seems to have weathered the storm pretty well. MG Siegler created a FriendFeed room and manged to get over a 100 folks talking and sharing content about the event. Finally my WWDC dashboard clocked in about 2000 visitors by the end of the day.

Watching the river flow today, I couldn’t help but get some interesting ideas for filtering it into something manageable. I’m drawn to products like Techmeme and of course Mahalo to solve this problem. As information gets further saturated online we need ways to break it down.


C.K. asks over on his blog

To iPhone 3G or not to 3G: that is the question.
Whether ’tis nobler after July 11th to suffer
The contracts and entrapments of outrageous carriers,
Or to take arms against locked platforms,
And by jailbreaking end them?

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.