Leaving Mahalo

Today is going to be my last day with Mahalo.com. The last 8 months here have been an amazing experience for me. Truly unique and rewarding on so many levels. Leaving it behind has been a very tough decision for me. Big thanks to Jason and C.K. for giving me a chance and some footing in this crazy industry. Huge respect and gratitude to the Mahalo staff, both in-house and the many remote guides. There is no shortage of great ideas and people here; I’m certainly going to miss it all.

So what’s next? Well I’m going over to Docstoc, an online document sharing website. I’ll be heading up their content and SMO/SEO efforts. They recently received a nice round of funding and are posed to break out. There are going to be some huge challenges at the new gig, I can’t wait to get started.

More details to follow when I get a chance.


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21 responses to “Leaving Mahalo”

  1. Sorry to see you go, man. But I have a feeling I will be seeing you plenty out and about and around town … you tell Coffin to be nice to you or he’ll have to answer to me in board meetings on this end 😉

    Very good working with you, and I know you will go far

    – MJ

  2. Good luck Sean. I have enjoyed the results of your efforts at Mahalo. (not the least of which was creating a Seemic page)

    Perhaps you can start with why I should use Docstoc instead of Google Apps 🙂


  3. sean sean hes our man, if he cant do it no one can

    congrats – jason is a good guy – i chat with him and he’s on the down low

    and you get to stay in LA so that’s cool – more pinks hot dogs

  4. Sean,

    it looks like I’m going to be adding another blog to my feed. We’re all very excited to have you join our family and I have a feeling you’ll do great things (or at the very least fill our office up with canned cheeseburgers).

    On behalf of Alon and myself, welcome to the team 🙂


  5. DUDE!! I wish you all the best in your new adventure!! Now I have to make a new fan site for docstoc.com too (since you will be there of course 🙂 )

    Keep in touch!

  6. Sean…

    It was a pleasure working in the Tech vertical with you. I really appreciate all the help and criticism that you were able to provide while I was first starting out in the Greenhouse and eventually a MMD.

    I will miss talking to you on AIM and in IRC.

    The Tech vertical will never be the same without you.

    Anyways, good luck with your new job at docstoc.com. Hope you have lots of fun and success there.

  7. Congratulations, holmes. Mahalo will definitely be less fun without you around. Whatever, why am I commenting? I’ll see you on GTA, bitch, maybe you’ll get a kill on me for once.

  8. You final saw that Mahalo was going to be a total failure – congrats on seeing the light before your co-workers. There are only so many quality life boats in this market.