Social Media Lemmings

Oh just jump over the cliff already, before I could even write up my “FriendFeed, The Best Thing Online Since Porn” blog post, along comes yet another service. Once again we all lurch forward, sign up, rinse, friend request and repeat. Duncan has a nice wrap up with quotes from various folks today. Once again, someone registered Robert Scoble’s handle before he could. Finally, I was of course once again, too late to get that coveted first name only handle. :: shakes fist ::

There are however a few cool things about this Twitter of the week. for one is open source, that’s news good enough to make even Dave Winer happy. Like him, I’m also first hearing about the OpenMicroblogging concept today. Their website is so 94′ it makes me think of simpler times online.

Really these are all great things, perhaps the next step?

PS: Yippee?

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.