Webkinz a Ganz Website

Jason and I noticed an interesting document come through the site today, it’s called Webkinz a Ganz Website, it talks about an MMO meets RL plush toy product. Like beeny babies with an virtual world twist. Last year they were reporting about 2 million units sold and some pretty solid web site traffic growth.

Virtual worlds (especially for the kids demographic) are continuing to grow and sprout up today. I’m dying to know what my kids will be drawn to in the future. I might not have to wait much longer to find out it seems. 😉

On a similiar note, is it wrong to consider internet presence when naming your first born? I mean how long in advance should you register a kids Twitter name? Oh, now I’ve gone too far…

Check out the presentation below.

Webkinz a Ganz Website – Get more Creative Writing

Sean Percival

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