I Wonder What a Twitter Owned Summize Would Look Like…

Twitter to buy Summize?

Why Twitter Should:

  • To better distribute Twitter’s load balancing problems with Summize’s technology.
  • To get some much needed good press.
  • To inject get some fresh developer blood into the company.

Why Twitter Wont:

  • If they were going to acquire any one, they would of picked up one of the many Twitter clients already.
  • The way this rumor was released is highly suspect. Spin and press manipulation is pretty fun to watch.
  • Right now, smart start ups are going to save not spend their VC war chest. When the economy further tanks this year they are going to need it.

What Others Are Saying:

Tonight’s Deep Twit includes a special appearance by Eve Whale. Fail Whale’s girlfriend!

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.