Serious Omission

As you can see, the comments speak for them self! While we sit by and deal with the same old “hot ladies of blogging” posts over and over again, finally some love for the guys. Yet, I don’t see my name up there, surely I’m due (along with my many awards for modesty).

And why even put Pete Cashmore on this type of list? That’s just not fair to the rest of the gents. Even my wife wants to bang this guy. One time (while using the mens room) Pete told me:

<scottish voice>

“Sean, why aren’t ya single buddy. You could be meh wingman!”

</scottish voice>

Pete, we both know that would end with nothing but Valleywag posts. I urge you to email the author of that post and make your vote!

Photo: Vissago

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.