Share and Monitor Your Private Documents

As Allen just posted over at CenterNetworks, today we launched some new features here at Docstoc. These new private document features allow you to easily store and share your private documents.

Here is a breakdown of some of the key features:

  • Emailing Large Documents: Instead of trying to cram huge files through your email provider, upload them to Docstoc and easily share them.
  • Document Activity Log: For any private documents you share, easily track who views, downloads and emails your documents.
  • Document Guest book: Anyone you share your private document link with signs a document guest book upon visit. Great way to track if your file actually made it or was even viewed by the recipient.
  • Ultimate Document Protection: Want to share a Word or PowerPoint file without giving away the actual source file? Upload your document and mark it copy write, now your document can be viewed but not downloaded.

Watch as Jason takes us through an example of how startups can use this feature:

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