Let Me Pay You For Twittering

I’m having a friendly competition with Jackie Peters right now. Our Twitter follower numbers have been oddly mirroring each other recently. Since we are both getting very close to the 1000 mark, I want to ensure that I get there first. For both ego and bragging rights I need your help with this.

So in the tradition of such wonderful (and certainly not gaming services) like Pay Per Post, I want to pay you to follow me. More specifically, pay you to tell your followers to follow me.

So here is the deal:

  • The first 10 people that twit “You really MUST follow @percival” I will send $10 via paypal.
  • In order to qualify you must have over 100 followers yourself
  • After you have posted it, drop me an email (me @ seanpercival dot com), include a link to the twit and include your PayPal email address.

Thats it! Easiest $10 you ever made.

Follow Sean on Twitter here.


Thanks for playing everyone, more than 10 people have entered and have been paid out. I’ll go back through the Summize feed tonight to make sure I didnt miss anyone. For those curious, I have recieved about 40 new followers from this stunt. Thats a cost of about $2.50 per follower. Someone has opened a Get Satisfaction about this thread expressing some concerns. Really this is all for fun, and in some sense an experment as well. I’ll post more about this when I have a chance.

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.