Blog Day 2008

Today is Blog Day 2008. An interesting idea that encourages bloggers to share links and introduce readers to new blogs out there. Here are 5 blogs I enjoy reading, hopefully for some of you these will be new discoveries.

Jackie Peters: Blogging over on Heavybag Media, Jackie shares her insight into the social economy and more.

Mark Rizzn: Known for his work at Mashable, Mark’s personal blog offers a deeper look into the man, the myth, the rizzn.

Wooster Collective: Covering the world of street art, The Wooster Collective is following around acclaimed artist Bansky right now.

GraphJam: For when you just need a good laugh, GraphJam creates charts based on only the most important and relevant data available.

Jeremiah Owyang: Covering web strategies for companies in the new landscape, Jeremiah’s post are often greatly detailed and well articulated.

TODO: Now go create a post and share 5 of your favorite blogs!

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