Guy Kawasaki: “Everything I learned about SEO, I learned from Sean Percival”

A clip from the TechZulu interview with Guy Kawasaki. He learned so much in fact that he put me way too high on the Alltop SEO page. I’ve since asked him to move me over to the EGOS page, as you might agree, a much better place for this blog.

So what does Guy know about SEO?

Not much actually, in fact he was just giving me a soundbite courtesy of the TechZulu crew. For Alltop, good search engine placement was a bonus, not an objective. Guy does however understand one of the most important SEO tactics, creating quality content. Spread that across a network of over 200 niche topics and you’ll no doubt receive some great search placements. The term Moms is a good example of this.

What else helps Alltop on the SEO Side?

  • Refreshing Content: Google loves freshness, this is one reason why blogs and Wikipedia do so well. By aggregating so many high quality feeds the page is constantly updated with relevant content throughout the day.
  • Light Pages: All pages on Alltop are light and load quickly. This is also important to the Google bot who is no doubt slamming many of these subdomains. Finding nothing but refreshing content, the bot is going to want to increase its crawl rate and indexing.
  • Niche!: There is and always will be great traffic in niche topics. Dominating several niche topics is going to be a big win for Alltop. As the online communities and blogs for each of these topics discovers the subdomains, they will no doubt link in.

What else is cool?

Alltop just launched a nice redesign and is now tracking 213 topics. Guy launches these start ups on the cheap and has fun while doing it. That’s always been a big goal with anything I do online. I showed him my TechCrunch50 aggregator and he enjoyed it. He even said that “when I grow up I can aggregate for Alltop”.

Tempting Guy, but instead I’ll build my own. 🙂

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