The Simpsons Ride Is Horrible

We finally made our way to Universal Studios in Hollywood to check out The Simpsons ride. It was pretty horrible.

First of all, the ride is only about 50% done, literally. Months after opening they are still building the damn thing. There are all kinds of construction going on by the line and most of the area is covered up. Next the staff is probably the slowest bunch of kids I’ve ever seen. I really hope this thing is on auto-pilot because these kids certainly had no clue. Looking around it was pretty clear I wasn’t the only one wondering, “Is this even safe?”. 

The ride itself is pretty cool, the screen is one huge quarter sphere which creates a nice immersion. However the action is so all over the place its pretty hard to enjoy the experience. Actually the pieces from the line area (videos and little gags) were more enjoyable.

So if you are a die hard Simpsons fan I wouldn’t say not give it a chance. However don’t be too surprised if you find yourself disappointed. For us Simpsons fans this is nothing new, while a great franchise they’ve certainly crapped out some horrible uses for it.

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.