What’s Next, Tsavo

Yup, I’m heading over to Tsavo, starting next week as the new Director of Content. 

I won’t lie, after leaving my last gig there was more then a few opportunities out there for me. Making the final choice was really tough, I really had to think about where I belonged and what was going to be the best for me and the fam. 

I originally leaned towards consulting, working with many companies and my own start up ideas. However as you may know, the outlook is pretty bleak these days. I wanted to make sure I was some where that could weather the storm, whatever that may be.

What is Tsavo? (Official Line)
Tsavo Media is focused on delivering highly relevant experiences to the digital touch points in consumer’s lives. Initially we are applying our technology focus to content and how media is experienced daily by consumers.

In the future we will grow our portfolio using our relevancy technology to enhance other segments beyond media.

What is Tsavo? (My Take)
Tsavo is the opportunity I’ve been looking for ever since finding my way into this crazy start up world. The chance to work with some of the best here in Los Angeles to create compiling web experiences. Also instead of working with just one domain, I’ll be working with hundreds. Finally its a chance to take some of my own web site ideas, develop them and include them as part of the ever growing Tsavo portfolio. 

More info to follow once I get started. Naturally, you can read all about it here.

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Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.