Trashing the Future

BXP39417I was taking out trash out last night, it was New Years day. A good day to reflect on the new year, the future, and the like. I started to wonder, is the  future here yet? Because when I was a kid 2009 seemed so far away, like flying car/star trek far away. As my mind wandered, it happened….

A loud SWOOOOOSH rang out from my pocket. It was a noise I’ve heard many times before, the simple sound an iPhone makes upon sending out a new email message. You see moments before I tended to my husbandly trash duties, I took a picture in our kitchen, attached it to an email, and sent it. As I walked the courtyard the following technical marvels were going on, right in my pocket:

  • The image was being sent over the airwaves through AT&T’s 3G wireless network.
  • It then bounced off my personal email server, where it was processed and send on to its final destination at Flickr.
  • Once Flickr received it, it was automatically processed and uploaded to my photostream.
  • Moments later that image would be aggregated to services like FriendFeed and Twitter.

All of this would happen before I even got the trash downstairs. So we don’t have flying cars, but holy shit we have some cool tech. 

Enjoy and happy new year.

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.