Percival 2009 Survival Guide

cubesidebarI don’t think many folks in the tech space realize how much 2009 is going to be a make or break year for them. For myself, 09 means everything. I’m going to push harder than ever and go to the furthest possible edge on all fronts. Pull out ALL stops. 

I’d suggest you do the same, I’m even going to help you out a bit.

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Ignore the A List

Stop listening or even caring what these guys say. In fact go in the complete opposite direction of them. If Scoble is gaga over your product you have a serious problem. While your tech may be hot, you want hit the mass markets, not these guys.

2. Do it by 30

Youth is wasted on the young. You need a huge hit by the time you turn 30. Trust me, this next generation is going to completely trump you in every way. They were born in this, while many of us slowly laid its groundwork these past few years. I’m 29 so for me this year is all or nothing. If you are past 30 you have to work extra hard. Hit the gym a few times while you’re at it chubby. Appearance isn’t everything, but a good one certainly doesn’t hurt.

3. Get Sued

On average someone threatens to sue me every 1-2 years. Sometimes its big companies like Newscorp, other times sole saber rattlers. If someone threatens to sue, or flat out does, you’re on to something. That means your shit is so good they’ll desperately try to derail you, sometimes by any means. Keep pushing.

4. Automate Your Social Media

Social media is a device used to time suck your life. Services like Twitter are amazing, also draining to use. Stop wasting the days status updating and get some actual work done. Start by automating some of your Twitter life with Socialtoo and Twitterfeed. Next setup your cell phone for all your social services. You’d be amazed how much social activity you can finish while on the john.

5. Go Out Less, Work More

This is really challenging in Los Angeles and I imagine any major city. The economy may be dead, but you’d never know it by the many mixers and events in the tech scenes. Here in LA there are typically 2-3 events every week. I usually skip most, citing that I’m both too old and too married to be out late drinking. Really though I’m at home, usually working, tweaking and prototyping whats next. I work till my hands hurt, slink into bed and rinse and repeat. Its not sustainable, but during these times you’ll bring your game up 2-3 levels. Take a vacation when you’ve earned it.


Some of that may seem a bit grim, that’s either the case or its due to “midnight blogging”. Either way I do encourage you bring everything you have this year. You’re going to need it to beat or catch up with guys like me. In the spirit of friendly competition I’ll even show you how I do most of it.

Just stay tuned here on the blog and of course Twitter.

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.