Watchmen Reviews

Watchmen Reviews

Most of my friends know someone who knows someone, so naturally they have already seen the new Watchmen movie. Some weeks ago! From what little information I could get out of them, the Watchmen reviews all seemed very positive. I’m dying to see this movie, but I tend to wait until the initial rush. When I don’t, I seem to find myself siting in the first rows, next the loudest smelliest teenager in the place. You should probably read that last sentence in a grumpy old man voice for best effect.

Here is what a few other folks are saying:

Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly: “Watchmen isn’t boring, but as a fragmented sci-fi doomsday noir, it remains as detached from the viewer as it is from the zeitgeist.”

Christy Lemire of The Associated Press: “Yes, I’ve read Watchmen… It moved me, too. And still — or, rather, because of that — I found director Snyder’s adaptation hugely disappointing, faithful as it is to the 1986 graphic novel.”

Matt Selman of Time Magazine: “Sitting in that screening room and watching the visual world of the Watchmen movie unfold was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had. Not film experiences. Just EXPERIENCES.”

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