SXSW Roll Call


Photo (CC) Brian Solis.

I’m still on the mend from our SXSW trip, what an amazing time and event. Thinking back on it, I’d have to say the most valuable part of this event (and most) are the attendees themselves. In this industry its so vital you occasionally step out from behind the screen and jump into what I call “the meatspace”. In this strange non virtual environment you form the relationships needed to really succeed in this business.

SXSW is unique because its one of the few events that brings together such a large collection of us “Internet people”. I wanted do a quick roll call of some of my highlights. Just to say thanks and trigger a few Google alerts.

  • Loic Le Meur – This was the first time I was able to really sit and talk with my favorite Frenchmen. I love his passion for the work and his refreshing European style of business. He created Seesmic, the video conversation tool. The service is honestly probably a bit ahead of its time, and therefore is going to have a tough run these next few years. I think you’ll see Loic adapting his business to better tap the larger social landscape to keep going.
  • Loren Feldman – I was once told “you’re no Loren Feldman” and thats very true. This guy makes some laugh, other cringe. I can’t help but admire his style. You don’t have to alway agree with him but you should still listen.
  • Aaron Brazell (Technosailor) – We only got to chat for a bit but I’m a big fan of Aaron’s work. After the trip he has already helped connect me to a collegue for some server work.
  • Jolie O’Dell – A former Los Angeles local, we don’t get to see Jolie nearly enough these days. She has an amazing spirit and is easily one of the sexiest and most stylish ladies in the biz.
  • Chris Heuer – Founder of the Social Media Club, Chris threw a great event at SXSW and is always a blast to hang out with. He also told me some of the best tech secrets over a few drinks.
  • Brian Solis – This guy makes any tech event at least 10 times more fun by just being there. Congrats on the new book, I just bought 3 copies. Please come to LA soon so we can throw you a book signing party.
  • Brett Petersell – OMGROFLBBQ I’m so glad we finally met!
  • Alexia Tsotsis – Los Angeles and a very special guy are so lucky to have you.
  • Pete Cashmore – You may have a better jawline but you’ll never have my hair!
  • Drew Olanoff – So great to meet, maybe one day you’ll tattoo my name on your body. I hope you were able to make that acquistion you were talking about.

Special shout out to the entire Los Angeles crew. Needless to say we were there in a big way.

See you next year in Austin.

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.