Oprah Joins Twitter

Oprah Twitter Ashton

From Twirlit: Oprah Joins Twitter

Oprah Winfrey. The one woman media machine who when she’s not busy inspiring people, starting schools in Africa, and running her TV Show, radio show, and production company, is giving away cars to unsuspecting Audience members. Yes, I’m a Oprah fan, and am one of those women who watches her show, reads Oprah.com, and yes, I read “O” magazine.  But I’m not alone.  Oprah’s reach and influence can bring attention to a service or product because she’s not driven by profit.  Instead, she’s driven by what drives her and what she actually likes and thinks will help/inform others. 

From Manolith: Oprah Joins Twitter, is it Still Cool?

Well, you’ve probably heard that Oprah has joined Twitter, that microblogging sensation, unless you’ve been living under a rock. Besides getting followers at a furious pace, she was welcomed to Twitter by no other than Ashton Kutcher, the first Twitter user to hit 1 million followers. (Another person that you guys either love or hate)

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