Confirmed: Michael Jackson Dead

Michael Jackson Dead

The Los Angeles Times is the first major news outlet to confirm Michael Jackson has indeed died.

Pop star Michael Jackson was pronounced dead by doctors this afternoon after arriving at a hospital in a deep coma, city and law enforcement sources told The Times.


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Michael Jackson Heart Attack?

Breaking: Michael Jackson Heart Attack

6 responses to “Confirmed: Michael Jackson Dead”

  1. How sad so many people are that are focused on this guys death. I am amazed at how narrow minded the majority of these people are. Yes I know who he is, I grew up enjoying his music, etc. etc. but you people need to see more of the world and get with the program. Michael Jackson’s dead. So what? Give me a break. There’s a whole of shit going down that you ignorant mass of people are so unaware of and you’re all crying over this?!!!! God help us!

  2. Not everyone is “crying over this” but it is still a shock. He hadn’t done much in recent years–musically–and was a unique personality in a number of ways. He certainly did create some good music and was a unique performer, too. It’s tough to see someone so talented go the way he did. So, yes, there are lots of other things to fret over, but right now I see no reason people can’t be shocked and sad at the loss of the King of Pop.

  3. Wow!!! it is normal to stop your life matters and grieve when someone you love passes away. Many loved and adored Michael and so they stop and are grieved by his untimely passing. That is normal reaction and emotionally healing. the earlier person response;thought infringes upon peoples’ right and need to feel how they wanna feel about it. Furthermore, we will continue to have to deal with economy and energy crisis, and global warming. But as he was a great contributor to American culture and economy, he deserves our deep felt sorrows and sadness for a time. I am a musician and I adored him and his music at every stage and stood by the belief of his innocence thru his recent allegations and trial

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