Twitter Hacked, Bad.


TechCrunch is running one hell of story about confidential Twitter documents landing in their inbox. It’s not pretty, and I can’t help but feel bad for those hacked. An event like this is every geeks worst nightmare, at least it should be. I know it’s mine. As we put more and more sensitive information into the cloud (Google Apps in this case) this is going be a real problem.

So about those docs, Mike is going to publish some of them and likely take a lot of heat for doing so. TechCrunch will exclude anything too confidential (employee information, access codes etc), basically just use good judgement with the material. A lot of people are going to cry foul regardless, but I think you’ll see the released material is nothing earth shattering. If anything, more entertaining than damaging.

Judging by the bravado of this hacker, these docs are getting out one way or another. In fact the whole lot of them will probably circulate in some form. Mike is pushing the envelope here no doubt, and I can’t help but admire that. But really if he can some how stop all these docs from getting broader distribution, he would actually be helping Twitter.

So while we wait to see the docs in question, go grab some popcorn, oh and start deleting those uber sensitive docs from your Google Docs.

Update, are the docs:

Sean Percival

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