Erin Andrews Peephole Pictures

erin andrews peephole pictures

Internet users are continuing to heavily search for Erin Andrews peephole pictures, and of course the infamous video. The other day I posted some notes about the typical life cycle of this type of content.

Really though it comes down to one simple idea, people like seeing other naked people. Especially when those people happen to good looking and somewhat well known.

Now a lot of attention is being focused on who shot and distributed the video online. However the likely hood of finding this person is slim. After all not even Erin Andrews can recall which hotel the footage stemmed from. The issue is further complicated when it was revealed the video was actually online for awhile, like months. It just hadn’t received press, and that wonderful butt was not attributed to Andrews until recently.

Beyond all that, the major catalyst of this story DeadSpin (Gawker’s sports blog) posted some interesting perspective today in their post Erin Andrews And Guilt, Imagined And Otherwise.

In the wake of the awful video that hit the Web over the weekend — actually, it had been hanging around for months, apparently, but no one had seen it — everyone is pointing fingers. It’s blogs’ fault for objectifying her. It’s fans’ fault for often caring more about what happens off the field than on. It’s ESPN’s fault for not strangling this story in the crib when they had the chance. (And they did.) It’s her fault. It’s our sports culture’s fault. It’s the fault of the thin walls of a lousy hotel.

None of these things are true, of course, and all of them are. Obviously, the fault lies in the assbag who shot the video in the first place, something this person has made a habit of, ultimately stumbling on someone in the public arena. (Let there be no doubt, though: This could happen to you, your wife, your girlfriend, your daughter. These slugs exist because it’s impossible to find a way to kill them all.)

Of course this is after DeadSpin benefited from millions of visitors this content brought in, but hey, that’s publishing for ya.

Click here to see the rest of DeadSpin’s coverage of Erin Andrews.

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