New Twitter Homepage


Yes Twitter has a new homepage, and it’s beautiful.

Search is BIG now, as it should be. Current tweet trends are dramatically but eloquently exposed. Over all it’s a huge win for Twitter.

Logout to see it for yourself. Oh and be sure to run a few queries or click through on some of the trends. You’ll notice the search pages (or SERPs) have also had some work done. They look even better and offer data on why some topics are currently trending.

From the official blog:

Twitter began as a rudimentary social tool based on the concept of status messages but together with those who use it every day, the service has taught us what it wants to be. From features invented by users to applications built on the platform, we’re still discovering potential. Twitter has moved from simple social networking into a new kind of communication and a valuable source of timely information. Also, it’s fun.

That it is.

What’s also fun is completely leapfrogging Google to create the ultimate real time search product. Cheers to that.

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