The Great Unfollow of 2009


I just unfollowed 10,000 people on Twitter and boy are my arms tired. WAKKA WAKKA.

Actually thanks to SocialToo the process was fairly painless. For $25 they’ll run a script to remove all your followers and give you a fresh start. Since I was auto-following everyone back my list had basically become useless.

Thanks to massive Twitter spam and other crap, it had become an experience much like the pop-up wars of Internets past. An endless stream of bots, questionable marketing and get rich quick scams.

I actually opened a second “secret” Twitter account so I could follow a small group of folks I really wanted to listen to. Until now that account was the primary method I used to view the site. Sneaky I know.

But now my main @percival account is once again enjoyable to use. I’ve run a few additional scripts to locate people I want to listen to, but if I missed you please let me know with an @reply msg. As long as you’re real and have something interesting to say, I’d be happy to listen.

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.