Twilight New Moon Red Carpet Live Stream

MySpace Twilight Saga: New Moon Red Carpet Live Stream

Yes I already know you’re crazy excited about the Twilight New Moon Red Carpet Premiere, or maybe that’s just my wife? Oh I’m so getting trouble for letting that slip.

In any case, should you be into such things you’ll definitely want to check out the above live stream starting at Monday 6:00pm PST. MySpace is streaming the entire event live over on the Twilight New Moon page as well.

Thankfully we are out of town tomorrow, otherwise I’m sure I would be begging MySpace PR for a spot on the red carpet for my wife. She like so many Twilight fans has been dying to meet Robert Pattinson. I’m only slightly threatened by this, mostly because I’m pretty sure I have better hair.

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.