MySpace Music Launches in the UK

MySpace just launched MySpace Music UK, similar to the offering here in the states, our UK members now get all the same goodies like:

  • The new MyMusic personal music management system
  • Free and unlimited ad-supported, full-length audio and music video streaming
  • Fully licensed content catalogue and artist discographies from majors and indie partners
  • Free and unlimited playlist functionality organized in a user friendly ‘drag and drop’ way
  • Exclusive audio, video, and playlist content from top UK artists and icons
  • DRM-free downloads via iTunes
  • Free artist access to the MySpace Music Dashboard – a unique and free analytics tool which allows artists to have a much greater insight into what their fans are doing.
  • Charts – a front door to the most popular artists, songs, albums and videos on MySpace Music from all artists globally

Here’s a short video that takes you through everything. Cheers!

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Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.