How Babby is Formed

In case you missed it earlier, Laurie and I are happy to announce our first born is indeed on the way. Now excuse me while I exhale, it has been really tough keeping this news under wraps for the last 3 months! If anyone knows me then you know I love to over share with my friends and followers. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’ve built a career out of such behaviors.

So it’s a relief the news is officially out, tweeted and now blogged some more. This is pretty standard for us. However I can only assume some might thinking, or asking yourself, what type of life is this child going to have in our hyper connected world? One might even go as far as to say our kid is literally going to be tweeting from the womb. I mean really? That’s nonsense.

Of course I’ll tweet on the baby’s behalf over at @percivalspawn until he or she can work an iPhone. Seriously though, we’ll change that Twitter name upon birth to something official (we don’t know the name or sex yet) and give the kid a head start with something that will actually benefit them in the future, an audience.

Oh and just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the amazing response to our news. Literally leveled by how many of you took the time to comment and say congrats. And to our local friends who may of been wondering why we haven’t been very social lately, now you know. I even quit smoking and didn’t buy that Porsche I was literally drooling over. It’s almost as if I’m getting wiser as a father.

Bonus Photo in IMAX 3D:

“How Babby is Formed” is of course in reference to the classic internet meme.

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.