What's Next for MySpace

Since I joined up with MySpace everyone keeps asking me ”What’s next?” and of course “What the hell is going on over there?”.

So far we haven’t been able to say or show much. That’ll change soon enough as we incrementally roll out what the teams have been working on. In the meantime we gave a sneak preview to some press recently, here’s what they had to say:

From The Los Angeles Times MySpace looks to the past for its future

Self-expression has long differentiated MySpace from the more stripped-down look of Facebook. On MySpace, an individual’s profile page can be customized to the point of neon garishness. To aid in refining the look, MySpace has recruited contemporary artists Shepard Fairey and Buff Monster to design profile page templates to allow for a more polished presentation.

From USATODAY Once-fading MySpace undergoes youthful reincarnation

MySpace is moving back to its original DNA: appealing to self-expressive, creative under-35-year-olds who are into games, music and movies. More than half of MySpace’s estimated 100 million users are 25 and younger.

The rebranding is illustrated in design mockups splashed across the walls of a user-experience lab here: Simple, clean pages with vibrant looks designed to draw artists, hard-core social-media users, brand managers and others. There is even talk of a new company logo.

MySpace is not only reinventing itself, but recasting the competitive climate. ”When we think about Twitter and Facebook, we don’t think about competition as much as we think about partnership, distribution and synchronization,” Hirschhorn says.

Kara Swisher made a bunch of weird references I’m way too young (or not Jewish enough) to understand in her article and video: New MySpace Co-Presidents Hirschhorn and Jones Talk About the Past (Troubled!), Present (Work in Progress) and Future (Revival?)

Thus, here’s a video interview I did with Hirschhorn and Jones–at their joint desk, like some digital Oscar Madison and Felix Unger–where we talk about all this and more, including whether or not Hirschhorn is akvetcher or not.

Top cartoon that illustrates my view of where MySpace is headed by Gaping Void.

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.