iPad Review

I’m writing this from my iPad so please excuse the brevity and typos.

This device really is amazing, it’s not going to replace my laptop, or my phone or my penis or anything, but it actually is magical. It’s a glorious way to consume content and literally touch the web. My iPhone feels awkward after just a few hours with this thing.

It’s strange because I can vividly recall being at comdex some 10 years ago when some of the first tablets were shown. I remember how excited I was then and honestly that excitement hasn’t wained much.

Of course in terms of software and the web that was way too early for such a device. Right now however the timing couldn’t be more perfect. With so much of our lives living in the cloud I’m not missing much as a look into this new lens called the iPad.

I’ll write more once the honeymoon is over but if you have questions here are a few of my initial answers:

Should I get one now or wait? Both.

Favorite apps so far? Netflix and Tweetdeck.

How jealous is wifey? VERY.

How does it feel? Easy to hold and like butter to touch.

How’s the keyboard? Not as horrible as I imagined.

Did Jobs do it again? Yes.

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.