How to Give Good Tweet via iPad

So you have an iPad.

Well once you get done patting yourself on the back for owning such a magical device you’ll no doubt want to start tweeting from it. Of course that’s easy enough right? Through the myriad of apps and web services that should be no problem right?


Truth be told, there is a surprising lack or great ways to tweet from the iPad at launch. I suppose I only say this because there is no native iPad version of Tweetie available right now. Tweetie of course being the widely popular and awesome iPhone Twitter client from developer atebits.

You might disagree with me when I say Tweetie is the ultimate mobile Tweet suite and that’s fine, I mean you’d be wrong but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Of course you can still run Tweetie on the iPad via the simulator, but let’s face it, that experience really blows.

So until Tweetie releases their native iPad app what’s a little birdie to do? Let’s look through some of the options we have in the meantime.


I’m not sure what’s wrong with Tweetdeck but it’s not for me. Maybe it’s because when I’m using it I feel like I’m cheating on Seesmic. Maybe it’s because there is just something not right with the UI, something feels foreign, communist even. In any case Tweetdeck is one of the few major Twitter clients to ship with a native iPad version at launch. It’s nice, but not great. It can be really slow and at times seems to get stuck on something. This forces the entire app to freeze until it coughs up whatever snag it has encountered. It is however free right now so it’s at least worth trying out.


Popular iPhone app Twitterrific has also released a native iPad version of their Twitter client. I had never really used Twitterrific mostly because of its silly name. I don’t know if I would go as far as to call this iPad version terrific but it gets the job done. It’s also free so you can’t argue with the price. However if you want to use multiple accounts and remove the ads it’ll cost you $4.99. If Tweetie is like driving a fine german automobile, Twitterrific is like driving a used Ford. It’ll get you to work but don’t expect to pick up any hot chicks on the way.

Twitter Mobile Web View

Let’s not forget about the web based solutions too starting with the OG Twitter mobile view. I know a few people who live by Twitter mobile web for use on their phone and I can see why. It’s a no fuss experience with few bells and whistles. Just straight tweeting like God (@jack) intended it. And the good folks at Twitter already added the iPad browser agent to the mobile view so all you need to do is browse to on your pad and you’re in.

Seesmic Web

For my normal desktop tweeting I almost always use the Seesmic Air app. It’s simple and reliable with a unique style much like its owner @loic. While the Seesmic Web view hasn’t been optimized for the iPad yet it still works pretty good here. Seesmic CEO Loic tells me via email that soon we should see a full iPad optimization. That makes Seesmic web a very powerful alternative to app based options.


Home to one of the best mascots of the day, Brizzly has already released an iPad optimized version of their popular Twitter and Facebook client. Just like all products from Thing Labs, it has great style and smooth UI. Bonus, you also get inline media so you can easily see various types of media like photos and videos directly in the stream. Double bonus, you can also switch over the Facebook mode and get a nice view of your newsfeed there.

How are you tweeting from your new iPad? Let me know in the comments or @percival me.

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.