Gray Powell, the iPhone Guy

Gizmodo has just revealed that the unlucky chap who lost his iPhone prototype is Gray Powell. Turns out Gray also has a MySpace page in addition to the Facebook page mentioned in the article.

The MySpace page certainly has some interesting things to note. For one he’s rocking a Microsoft Zune theme, but lets delve a little deeper…

First lets check out that “About Me”:

Just moved out to San Francisco from Raleigh, NC. Got a job at apple, and it keeps me busy enough during the week. enjoy huge club parties as well as jazz trios in coffee bars. I enjoy mighty leaf tea and super hoppy IPA’s.. I’m a gadget whore I’ve been trying to make use of all the bike lanes out here. love to travel I can make you laugh I take pictures I hate the rain.. well ok it’s growing on me out here in the bay, but I’ll take sun anyday!! Into any live music, drum and bass, dubstep, earthy hip hop, electroglitch, funk, soul, vinyl, photography, tech culture, apple, and anything else I can see, hear, smell, or touch.. and I love it out here in the bay!!!

Sounds like the right guy, now what about that “Who I’d Like to Meet” section:

Steve Jobs, busta rhymes

Hmmm, do you think he has met Steve yet?

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.