Today's Google Doodle is Balls

A Google Doodle is a special variation of the Google logo that appears on their homepage.

They actually have a whole team of people who do nothing but this (no really).

Sometimes they do really cool stuff like games and other effects. Basically anything they can do in HTML5 to give the collective FU to Flash. I’m not sure exactly what today’s is, but check it out below or over on

0 responses to “Today's Google Doodle is Balls”

  1. I don’t think Google has any desire to give flash a FU considering that flash support is currently being used as one of Android’s selling points.

  2. @chris

    Have not seen that in one of their commercials. Besides, flash is really horrible on a mobile device anyway.

  3. Another boondoggle.
    If Google wants to be a game engine maybe it should launch a new product line such as Google Idiots or Google Juvenile.
    The only one here who thinks the bouncy balls are fun or funny is the 4 month old kitten and she doesn’t pay the bills or do any actual work.
    I guess if I go to Bing often enough I’ll get used to it… if only I could turn that background picture off…