Introducing the New Myspace

It has been a long and tough road to bring life to a new Myspace.

Today we celebrate as our new product starts rolling out to users. Tomorrow we realize that our work has really just begun.

Check out of the coverage from around the web and our little intro video below:

Coverage around the web:

0 responses to “Introducing the New Myspace”

  1. Wow.. great job! Looks awesome!! Wait.. haven’t I seen this before? Oh yeah… on PINTEREST! Good job Sean. You rock!

  2. This is good. I will pimp this out on myspace for you and put it in my own blog. I think I have a few readers who will be interested in this

  3. Myspace is failing so badly that i wanna delete everything on there….Then head to some other site that has a 1.0 version. Literally you guys may own myspace but it orignaly tom’s company so you all fail badly. Get tom back instead of you losers.

  4. I don’t know if you are responsible for the compulsory switch to this godawful and profoundly stupid 3.0 profile – if you are you will go down like the person that killed Myspace music.
    We are deleting our profile next month and so are all our musician friends and all the musicians I talk to, it just seems the only thing to do. All the forums are full of complaints – just complaints – everyone hates it. You silly, silly people have turned MS from a anarchic looking oddball perfectly suited for bands that cherish a highly individual image to a tidy prim and proper corporate website. Maybe that is good thing for you, go figure, but believe me it doesn’t work for us.

  5. I agree with most everybody that MySpace’s 3.0 is disastrous, caters only to the corporate spammers and seems to be an agenda to get fiscal support from those bands and other media celebrities that MySpace promotes.
    As we speak, there are several petitions being signed en masse to show just exactly how UN-popular this switch is.
    I think its pretty bad when a social network DESIGNED for the people and bragged about it not long ago wqhen it had 100 million users, is now catering to promotionalizing and not worrying about just how many errors are occuring as a result.
    I have been on MySpace since 2007 and NEVER saw such a faux pas until this release.
    Sean, you need to do something DIFFERENT…and FAST.
    I know over 100 users that just joined just to get AWAY from Myspace with its new format.

  6. I hate the new myspace. I used to get 1500 plays per week on my player…i get closer to 15 now. I did find one person in Australia who likes the new myspace…thats one…

  7. I’m a music freak and have used MySpace for years to follow record-releases, shows and tours – it was so easy! Just had to click on 36 “Top Friends” who were bands, venues, bookers, and record labels. But now, only EIGHT top friends “allowed”?!! – That makes it very hard to use, seein you’ve also removed the handy alphabet. It just doesn’t work for me any more. : (
    Also why are we seeing other people’s comments TO EACH OTHER? Who’s interested in THAT! Not to mention all that fluffy mainstream music stuff.
    And also SO annoying: the Stream’s churning and scrolling with mixed old and new bulletins – no use at all.
    I’m sure you mean well, and I’d hate to delete my account, but if it stays so messed up like now, I probably will. :[

  8. Seriously, you people at MySpace have really lost the plot. All you have achieved with the “new” MySpace is to disenfranchise all the people that once loved and cared about it.