One Year as a Dad

Today my daughter Charlotte turned one. Hard to believe that it has already been a year since her birth, but then again, you all warned me the time would go by much too fast.

Turns out you were right.

That’s OK though. We’ve had some great moments this last year, and I’ve treasured every one of them. I’ve buried them deep in my mind to never forget them and shared some of them across various social apps to preserve them further.

I haven’t blogged much about being a dad mostly because it’s just hard to blog period these days. I think for many the blogging barrier to entry is just too high now compared to the smaller formats available today (like Twitter). Shame too, because personal blogging is still one of the most compelling formats on the Web. Just take a look at the author known as ”EJ” and the recent Airbnb dust-up if you still need proof of that.

Back to the subject of daddy blogging–another reason I haven’t blogged much on being a dad is that frankly, I didn’t even know what I didn’t know. In terms of being a dad, there’s an incredible amount to learn and to do that first year. I’m actually surprised they let you walk out of the hospital with these tiny creatures without first making you take some type of 6-week training course. Thankfully, my wife has always been there to help us. Seriously though, without her, we would both be lost and probably be wearing dirty diapers. To the single parents out there who manage to do it all, I really salute you.

I hope to be able to write further about being a dad and share more stories here. I miss the writing and hope it can serve as some type of record for Charlotte later in life. That’s probably the biggest change that has occurred inside me this year. Now, with everything I do today, I’m thinking about how it can improve her tomorrow and the tomorrows that follow.

How can I have the right answers to any questions she has?

How can I have enough money to cover it all?

How can I get her not to date until she’s 30?

See, I’m already getting way too ahead of myself. Let’s just work on year number two for now.


Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.