The Highlight SXSW Drinking Game

So I’m here in Austin Texas for the annual geek shindig known as SXSW. More precisely I’m huddled under the covers in my room using my laptop for warmth as it’s just too damn cold out. Yes the rain is pretty much ruining SXSW for me but I’m a big whiner when it comes to bad weather.

I’m also starting to wonder how can this trip be saved? I think the only way is through the two things that make SXSW great. Drinking and the latest social app. Better yet, let’s just combine the two.

First let’s start with Highlight. This is the break out app at SXSW this year. It’s similar to the location check-in app Foursquare except you don’t actually check in. Instead your location is broadcast at all times and you are alerted when friends (or friends of friends) are nearby. It’s both creepy and interesting and I plan to use, iPhone battery permitting. They call it ambient social networking and if you can say that with a straight face, well, good for you.

However it’s lacking a lot of context. For example, there isn’t really enough info to encourage the serendipitous encounters I believe the app creators are looking for. So let’s give it a little help as we introduce the official Highlight SXSW Drinking Game, aka #highlighting.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download and install the Highlight app
  2. Charge your phone (you’ll need the juice)
  3. Change your bio/blurb in the app to use a structure like: Hello I’m <name>, I’m into < your interests> and I’ll buy you a drink if  you <an action you want>. #highlighting (See more examples below)
  4. That’s it! Now await for your first Highlighter to approach you to share a drink, a story and perhaps more.

Example Blurps:

  • Hi I’m Sean, I’m into online marketing and I’ll buy you a drink if you tell me my hair looks nice. #highlighting
  • Hi I’m Katie, I’m into PR and I’ll buy you a drink if you don’t interpret that as flirting. #highlighting
  • Hi I’m John, I’m into coding and I’ll buy you a drink if you can help me find another Python developer. #highlighting
  • Hi I’m Brian Solis, I’m into engaging and I’ll buy you a drink because I buy everyone drinks. #highlighting
  • Hi I’m Bob, I’m into social media and I’ll buy you a drink if you come back to my room so we can make some bad decisions together. #highlighting

There you have it! Happy Highlighting and best of luck with your kismet.