LA Tech Submarket Heat Map

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Los Angeles is an enormous city.

As is true with finding a good apartment or home in this city, securing office space for your start-up can be quite a daunting task. And while, yes, the majority of the LA tech chatter focuses on Santa Monica, it’s important to remember you have a great many other options.

In fact, I would say that for most start-ups, Santa Monica is probably the worst city in which to set up shop. With limited real estate, high costs, parking challenges, tourists, and an over abundance of good-looking people, there are simply too many distractions with which to contend. In the end, you need to be focused on building your business and not on the beach, social events, and yoga pants.

Thankfully, though, our local Cushman and Wakefield representatives are here to help. They created the above map, which breaks down the costs and the pros and cons of the various Los Angeles rental markets. The full PDF goes on to include the Valley, Pasadena, and the seven habits of highly effective tenants.

Happy hunting!

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Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.