More Builders, Less Bankers

Entrepreneur-turned-investor is a classic story arc in Silicon Valley but recently the plot has earned a twist. Certain operators are foregoing the traditional path of joining a traditional VC to instead create a studio-like holding operation. By doing so, they remain engaged with the grit and grassroots challenges of building a startup. They remain company builders. –Leena Rao for TechCrunch

Here’s probably the best reason why the recent explosion of accelerators/incubators/studios/etc makes some sense. The bulk of them are not started by traditional investors. They are started by builders. Former founders who have been in the trenches recently and know what it takes. The good ones even get their hands dirty right along side you.

At the same time I’m watching these new vehicles gets better/stronger/smarter every day. They’ve become highly iterative just like the companies they help build. The “bankers” on the other hand haven’t changed their lobby furniture in 10 years.

Let’s hear it for the builders.


Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.