User Acquisition Marketing in Los Angeles

I’m going to be teaching a course on User Acquisition Marketing through the newly established Coloft Academy.

This 6-week course is perfect for early stage companies looking to give their marketing efforts a massive boost. If you’re trying to find your first 1,000 customers or 1 million web visitors this is the place to start. It’s also great for more established companies seeking a new approach to Online Marketing.

If you have ever seen me teach before, you’ll already know I tend to massively over share my tips and tricks. I deploy a lot of very capital efficient and unique techniques. I enjoy bending the rules when it comes to marketing in general and so should you. The cost is $2,400 (or $1,999 if you take advantage of the early bird discount), which I know is a lot for many boot-strapped startups out there. However I can assure you that with this course you’ll learn how to drive 10x that cost in sales or other value. If you’re well funded then this course provides at least 100x more value than wasting your marketing budget on SXSW.   🙂

For example, we’ll be covering:

  • Conversion funnels, lead/sign-up generation, finding qualified users/leads.
  • Social media, social virality, and audience growth.
  • Email marketing, campaign management, designing for email, and drip marketing.
  • Organic SEO, content development, and word-of-mouth/refer-a-friend.
  • Paid media: Google, Facebook, retargeting, and affiliate networks.
  • Analytic tool sets, instrumentation, and spying on competitors.

You can signup today or contact me with any questions. I hope to see you there!

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.