Introducing BubbleCoin


I’ve been into Bitcoin for about a year now. It started off more as a hobby because the idea of mining and the technology behind Bitcoin in Norway intrigued me.  Today of course things are different, the value/intrigue of digital currency is skyrocketing and many many smart people are doing what smart people do. That is of course to build, hack, shape and develop this emerging technology.

So last week I put together a little mobile app using called BubbleCoin to track Bitcoin news, culture and events. You can also chat with other Bitcoiners and browse helpful resources. It’s available for iPhone and Android right now. There’s also a small companion website at where I keep track of the top Bitcoin headlines every day.

It terms of the name Bubblecoin it’s less of a statement on the potential bubble that exists in Bitcoin today, more so just a fun play off that debate itself. Please pardon my dust while I mine for something interesting here to offer to the digital currency community with BubbleCoin. In the meantime I hope you check it out.



Thanks to Mobile Roadie for providing such a great mobile platform to build upon.

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.