I have my own blockchain. What you don’t?! Get with the times man.

Funny backstory, I started this blockchain privately back in 2013 called PercivalCoin. Basically ICO’ing myself before it was cool. I then promptly got distracted with other things and didn’t keep working on it. However thanks to Mark Rizzn Hopkins keeping a single copy of the ledger I was able to restart the blockchain and node network without too much trouble. So in case you’re wondering blockchains are pretty resilient and can even come back to life after being dormant for years.

Not sure what I’ll do with it but I figure the only way it has a chance of surviving is to release it more broadly. So if you like you can download the wallet client (sorry windows only for now) and run a node. Since the network is so small you can even use your CPU to mine for coins rather easily. Or post your wallet address as a comment and I’ll transfer you some.

It has absolutely no practical use and is a simple fork of Bitcoin core in 2013. So it’s pre all that fork drama but also missing anything added to Bitcoin core since this time. However I may do something fun with it later on. Like encode my life/work onto it somehow or pay dividends to coin holders based on something I work on/invest in.

Client here (windows only)

Download Mirrors: 1, 2, 3, Github

Join the Facebook Group

Basic specs:
PercivalCoin (PER)

100 coins per block
10 mins between blocks
10,000,000 total coins
Difficulty adjustment every 7 blocks

Network Port 15685
RPC (Mining) Port 15686


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