Serial entrepreneur Sean Percival joins as CMO

Serial entrepreneur Sean Percival joins as CMO

When I first relocated to Oslo from Silicon Valley was the very first company I wanted to work for. So I’m incredibly excited to be able to join today and at a point when the business has already begun a nice growth trajectory. With such a large user base already that includes millions of passionate fans around the world there’s extraordinary opportunity here. The chance to help millions more individuals and businesses discover such a wonderful product is a marketer’s dream come true,” says Sean Percival – who will be joining the management team of as Chief Marketing Officer from October 1st.

As a entrepreneur, Sean brings diverse experience that spans across working with startups at all stages, corporations and venture capital to the table. Previously he was Vice President of Online Marketing at Myspace at a time when the site served over 120M monthly users. More recently he has been working in Norway where his focus has been on bringing Silicon Valley best practices to the region. Through accelerator programs such as 500 Startups and the Katapult Accelerator, Sean has been supporting countless founders in the areas of growth marketing, sales and investor readiness. Ingrid Ødegard, Co-Founder and CEO at, is excited to have Sean aboard;

“With Sean’s broad experience from helping hundreds of startups develop and implement growth marketing strategies, I know Sean will help us realize and reach the enormous potential of”, she says.WE ARE HIRING

Ready for scaling

Having recently passed $1 million in Annual Recurring Revenue, is now entering the next scaling phase. Every month, we enable more than 1 million users to have more than 5 million conversations across 200 countries. The scale that has achieved thus far is was what intrigued Sean, and he has been following the company in addition to being an avid user for years.

 New CMO, Sean Percival, and CEO, Ingrid Ødegaard, were recently interviewed by Norwegian Startup Magazine Shifter.


When first launched, use of the product spread to more than 175 countries within just four months. It was an immediate hit with digital nomads and remote workers around the world. At, we are happy to have built a product and brand that is well loved through outreach, content marketing, social media and organic growth. Building upon this success, will soon be launching a new business version for companies who want a shared account for many employees. As a result, will be significantly ramping up their efforts on marketing & sales to small and medium businesses.READ SHIFTER ARTICLE

We have tremendous demand for a version of tailored for companies, so we are very excited about launching this plan that can both grow our revenues further and create more retention. This also means we can start investing more in building a robust marketing and sales pipeline to capture additional market share“, says CEO Ingrid.

With the US being the largest market for, both in terms of revenue and volume, Sean will also strengthen’s US presence with regular trips to California and other key American markets. Additionally, with his previous experience as a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist, Sean will assist the company in securing growth capital to further scale the business.