My Next Book: Marketing WTF

My Next Book: Marketing WTF

I’m challenging myself to do a lot more writing and as part of that publishing more through Amazon. To get updates on future releases please follow my Amazon Author Profile and my Goodreads page. I hope to publish around 10 books before the end of 2020 on startup stuff, a children’s book and even some fiction writing. 

To that end, my next title called Marketing WTF is available now. For Kindle Unlimited users it’s also available for free. 

It’s a guide to the top 20 online marketing related acronyms you should know. You’ll learn what the acronym means and also what other names it goes by (AKAs). Since many online marketing acronyms are also formulas, we’ll break down the formula in simple natural language for you. Finally, you’ll learn how to use the acronym in a sentence with a colleague, with investors and the ever so useful at a party context. 

Here’s a sample page about Click Through Rate (CTR):

Get the book today or let a friend know who could use the guide. Makes a great gift for newbie marketers or those who just want to act like they know what they’re talking about. That’s not you of course 😉