A List of Very Good Things to Happen During These Very Bad Times

My last blog post was probably a wee bit negative. Hey, these are tough times. We’re all a bit anxious and worried so can ya really blame me?

So to counter that, I’ve started to compile a list of some of the good things happening during these bad times. Have some good news to recommend? Let me know on social media.

  • Harmful greenhouse gas output has been dramatically reduced worldwide (source)
  • Doctors and nurses are getting some much-deserved respect and admiration in society
  • No more morning or evening rush hour commute
  • We learned that Uber, Instacart and other gig economy workers are actually essential and probably should be treated better
  • We no longer have to wear pants for most work meetings
  • Gas and plane tickets are significantly more affordable, even though we can’t really use either at the moment
  • We’re getting a lot of time to think about things
  • People’s hands are like super clean these days
  • A lot of people are calling their grandparents more than usual
  • Tiger King
  • Everyone is getting super creative with how we connect online (source)
  • In California, homeless people are being provided with shelter (source)
  • Turns out employers who said their various roles and job functions could not be remote were wrong
  • With people out of work, there’s been an increase of volunteer firefighters (source)
  • Americans are going to get $1200, although in exchange for adding ~$18,000 each to the federal deficit
  • Air pollution in India (and many other countries) is way down (source)
  • There’s much fewer events and conferences to attend so you can focus on yourself or your business
  • Many people have a lifetime supply of toilet paper
  • It seems like everyone is exercising and running a lot more, although they should probably be staying home instead
  • New York City is running out of dogs to foster due to increased demand (source)
  • Lots of people are discovering baking as a hobby (source)
  • We didn’t have to endure any awful April Fools jokes from brands
  • 3D printers are finally useful for something! (source)

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.